Office Coffee & Food Service Coffee: Avalon – Bean-to-Cup

Avalon – Bean-to-Cup

Avalon Bean to Cup

Avalon Bean to Cup is a single cup brewing system which offers a wide variety of selections to satisfy your companies hot beverage needs for locations with 80 plus employees. The Avalon can be custom ordered with or without a bean grinder and either one or two soluble selections. These machines are state of the art and offer superior selections and quality beverages for your employees to enjoy. A coin mech option is available.

Avalon Bean to Cup machines can be made ADA compliant with the installation of the ADA compliant membrane placed on the front lower right hand side of the machine


Encore 29Encore 29

Take your coffee experience to the next level with Cafection’s new 29″ Bean-To-Cup solution.

Elegant and Efficient Design

• 29’’ height
• 18.5’’ touchscreen
• Fits a 7.75’’ mug
• Lighter aluminum case
• 4’’ adjustable legs for easy clean-up under the brewer


• Smoother grinding process (high quality grinder)
• Noise reducing inside panel
Easy to Fill
• 8 lbs capacity bean hopper mounted on a rail system
• Choice of 3 soluble powder: hot chocolate,
French vanilla and milk
• Lockable products compartment for your safety
Customization Options
• Display promo videos during the brew time*
• Add your logo and short text to the right part of the
screen saver*
• Upload the logo of your favorite roasters to display
on the beverage settings screen* and set the recipes
to meet the high quality taste profile
Easy to Install
• Everything in a single box: unpack, plug and enjoy.

Avalon Total 1

Avalon Total One

The Avalon Total 1 is a single-cup, bean-to-cup brewer for high volume locations (minimum of 100 employees). With its tremendous versatility, it serves as an all-around coffee kiosk.

The Total 1 features three coffee bean hoppers and three internal canisters for cocoa, vanilla, and cappuccino mix. These allow for a variety of coffees, as well as blended drinks such as Half-Caf, Vanilla Mocha, Mochaccino, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, and more. The machine features a “Whipper” for frothed drinks, and offers hot water for tea drinkers.

The user makes their selection on a 10.4″ touch screen. Beans are ground fresh and brewed while you wait, one cup at a time. The brewer offers the choice of 3 cup sizes, ranging from 5-20 oz.

Branding Options

 kauai-total1  segafredo-total1  sega-kauai-total1 Total1_Honda

Total Lite

 Total Lite SilverTotal Lite

Total Lite

The Total Lite is the sleekest bean to cup coffee machine from Innovation Series. It offers the advantages and quality of a Cafection coffee machine with less space requirements! This top quality coffee machine, with its three bean hopper and two soluble canisters, offers a great selection of coffees and hot beverages that will meet your employees needs. The Total Lite comes with either a black or silver fascia, on which we can add your logo to customize your machine. Environmentally friendly and sustainable brewer is the perfect machine for smaller offices of 60 employees or more to avoid rental fee.


  • 3 cup sizes
  • 3 brew strengths
  • Iced coffee option (ice machine required)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Programmable options: cup sizes, brew strengths and product settings
  • Sleek & compact for minimum space requirement


40″ (H) x 14″ (W) x 23″ (D)


 Avalon Gourmet

3 Whole Bean coffee selections for the ultimate office coffee experience! This model offers 3 selections of whole bean coffee, freshly ground & brewed, just the way you like it, one cup at a time.

Equipped with a Whipper Chamber allowing you to whip-up the best froth for your coffee!

Equipped with five (5) different canisters, this model offers an incomparable variety of gourmet beverages:

  • 3 Whole Bean Coffees of your choice
  • Hot Chocolate
  • French Vanilla Cappuccino
  • Café Latte
  • Mokaccino
  • Hot Water for your favorite tea


Avalon Triple B

The Avalon Triple B Brewing System can please even the most discerning of tastes. Equipped with a built-in coffee bean grinder, it grinds and brews each cup individually. The Avalon also has two hoppers to dispense alternate products like French Vanilla Cappuccino and Gourmet Hot Chocolate. Chris’ Coffee Service can even set the Avalon up as a full vend operation, meaning we do everything from filling to servicing the machine.  There is nothing left for you to do but enjoy a piping hot beverage of your choice.

  • Fresh Ground and Brewed Regular Coffee
  • Fresh Brewed Decaf Coffee
  • 50/50 Blend Regular and Decaf
  • Hot Chocolate
  • French Vanilla Cappuccino
  • Cafe’ Latte
  • Mochaccino
  • Hot Water





AVALON QUAD X offers a Whole Bean coffee selection for the ultimate office coffee experience! It offers freshly ground & brewed coffee, just the way you like it, one cup at a time. The Quad X offers two different cup sizes and strengths for each selection. The Quad X serves a premium product with a minimum of maintenance.

  • 1 Whole Bean Coffee
  • 1 Ground Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Cappuccino
  • Café Latte
  • Mokaccino
  • Hot Water


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