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mars_logoflavia-logoMars Drinks creates great tasting moments at work by being at the center of workplace engagement, collaboration, productivity and well being. Throughout North America, Europe and Asia, Mars Drinks supports businesses who want to provide great working environments for their people. Part of Mars, Incorporated Mars Drinks focuses its energy and resources on the workplace, with the belief that people are the most important asset to any business.

 fla_colo-150 Alterra Colombia
Colombian coffees have high recognition in the industry and enjoy immense popularity with coffee lovers around the world.Our 100% Colombian beans are medium roasted to give a balanced, fragrant experience. Popular and pleasing with a diverse mix of coffee drinkers, this is a great “starter coffee.”
 fla_house-150 ALTERRA House Blend
We carefully crafted this blend of lightly roasted beans to create a medium bodied, smooth cup. This coffee is easy-drinking and has proven time and time again in consumer tests that it is a people-pleaser.
 fla_costa-rica-150 Costa Rica
100% Costa Rican beans are lightly roasted to give this cup a smooth body and sweet flavor. This coffee represents what people look for in a classic Costa Rican coffee – a sweet, consistent and well-balanced cup.
 fla-ethiopia-150 Ethiopia
Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, produces some of the finest coffees in the world. Our offering comes from the Ethiopian highlands from the highly prized region of Yirgacheffe. Our 100% Yirgacheffe beans are medium roasted to give distinctively bright, fruity flavor.
 fla-sumatra-150  Sumatra
Sumatran coffees are very popular with coffee enthusiasts. The woodsy and herbaceous flavor profile is extremely unique, making this a coffee that stands out amongst its peers. Our 100% Sumatran beans are dark roasted to give a heavy bodied, complex cup with a bold finish.
 fla-donut-shop-150  Donut Shop Blend
Try ALTERRA COFFEE ROASTERS new Donut Shop Blend coffee!
Grab a cup of this delightful coffee and enjoy the balanced notes of caramel, berry and honey. A classic, reinterpreted!
 fla-artisan-roast-150  Artisan Roast
Try ALTERRA COFFEE ROASTERS new Artisan Roast coffee!
Our passionate roasters crafted this special blend, medium roasted to enhance the fruity character of the beans with distinctive bright notes.
 fla-foundry-blend-150  Foundry Blend
You can taste the hard work that went into this blend of premium beans – a medium roast to give a full bodied, balanced flavor with a hint of chocolate and molasses. This coffee is named after one of ALTERRA’s coffee shops in Milwaukee. The café, and this coffee, pay homage to the hard-working manufacturing tradition of the Midwest. 30% of the coffee in our Foundry Blend originates from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.
 fla-hazelnut-150  Hazelnut
Enjoy a luxurious blend of medium roasted beans and the continental flavor of hazelnuts.
 fla-french-vanilla-150  French Vanilla
Relax and unwind with a blend of medium roasted beans and the creamy flavor of vanilla.
 fla-barista-blend-150  Barista’s Blend
This coffee was inspired by the award-winning baristas that have been a tradition in Alterra’s coffee shops. This big-bodied coffee is dark roasted and yields a rich, smoky cup of coffee.
 fla-french-roast-def-150 French Roast Decaf
A dark roasted blend of coffees for those who prefer the flavor of French Roast without the caffeine!
 fla-house-decaf-150  ALTERRA House Blend Decaf
Our hand-selected blend of beans, light roasted to give a medium bodied, smooth cup without the kick!
 fla-french-roast-150 French Roast
Bold and hearty, French Roast is a classic favorite among dark roast lovers. Our fresh take on this classic dark roast is a cup that’s heavy bodied, with a smoky twist and a lingering finish.
 fla-steel-horse-150 STEEL HORSE Coffee
STEEL HORSE Coffee, from the makers of ALTERRA®, powers the positive productive momentum that makes for a smart, successful workday. Made from only real ingredients – coffee and cocoa flavanols – this better built cup of coffee gives a natural edge with no artificial additives. By keeping those in the office focused and alert, we help to empower the whole office to tackle a challenge-filled day full steam ahead.
 fla-espresso-150 Espresso Roast
This coffee was expressly crafted to act as a base for our specialty beverages. This luscious blend of dark roasted beans delivers a heavy bodied, bold and earthy flavored cup. Try it alone for an intense beverage or mix it with our cappuccino/latte swirl for an authentic coffee shop style beverage.
 fla-morning-roast-150 Morning Roast
This is a perfect “pick me up” coffee to get you moving in the morning. This blend of aromatic coffees from the Americas provides a perfect backdrop for the snappy Kenyan accent bean that gives this coffee its fresh taste.
 fla-fabulous-froth-org-150 Fabulous Froth Original
Try ALTERRA COFFEE ROASTERS new Fabulous Froth Original to make the perfect latte or cappuccino! Indulge yourself with a perfect Latte or Cappuccino without leaving the office; just add your coffee / tea of choice.

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