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Diedrich CoffeeDiedrich Coffee – Coffee K-Cups

A value added alternative to Green Mountain K-Cups. Diedrich is a custom roaster of Arabica coffees imported from around the world.

It was the sort of start for which adventure stories are known and loved. The year was 1916, and Charlotte Diedrich had inherited a coffee plantation in Costa Rica. So she left her native Germany for Central America, and through toil, intelligence and sheer determination, made a success of it.

Her son Carl later took over the business, adding a second plantation in Antigua, Guatemala. Years passed. Beans ripened. And Carl ventured forth from Guatemala to Newport Beach, California, bringing the first taste of true single origin specialty coffee to Southern California.


French Roast

 French Roast A dark roast notable for a toasty aroma coupled with a syrupy body, molasses taste, and pleasant finish.



Morning Edition

 drch-lg-morningedition-r1 A full-bodied, full roast with creamy vanilla sweetness, aromas of leather and spice and a hearty satisfying finish. Try this K-Cup…you’ll like it!




Morning Edition Blend Decaf

 drch-lg-morningeditiondecaf-r1 This full-roast coffee delivers creamy vanilla sweetness and a hearty finish. It’s great for waking up to in the morning, even without the caffeine.




Rio Blend

 drch-lg-rioblend-r1 A smooth, creamy body gets a bit of South American spiciness in this warm, hearty blend. A nicely balanced cup with hints of raisin and cocoa.





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