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Bottleless Water Cooler

All Hot & Cold Water. Available in Floor and Counter Top Units




Alpine® Coolers is a worldwide leader in drinking water services and filtration systems.

Businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to cut costs and save money. While a company’s bottled water expense may not receive much attention, it is actually one area where a small change can lead to big savings. The recent introduction of commercial point-of-use (POU) bottleless water coolers has made the traditional water delivery service obsolete for homes and offices. The economic and environmental advantages of switching to bottleless water coolers and dispensers are many.




Highly Cost Effective…

Bottled/delivered water = $0.79/gal. Inline filter or Reverse Osmosis purified water = $0.02/gal.

By switching to a Inline filter or RO bottleless cooler system, you could save $ 0.77/gal. If you have a small business with 15 employees you will probably use around 7 gallons per day, 1,825 gallons per year, you can save $1,405 per year! This is only an example. Your actual cost/saving may vary according to your specific  needs.

Healthier & More Sanitary…

Inline filter and RO bottleless water coolers employ a sealed, airtight bottleless system that greatly reduces the risk of water contamination by completely eliminating the need for human contact with the water source. Water jugs and bottled water cooler reservoirs are highly susceptible to airborne contaminants and contamination from bottleneck handling during bottle changes. Water delivery companies also use old plastic jugs that are regularly exposed to the sun and outdoor elements thus increasing their likelihood to leach plastic chemicals into the water.

All Alpine® equipment is tested and certified by the Water Quality Associaiton under ANSI/NSF #51. All Feel Well Filters are tested and certified by the Water Quality Association against ANSI/NSF Standards 42 & 53.


Bottle-less (Point-Of-Use) coolers with Ultraviolet, UV, sub micron filters, reverse osmosis, RO, ultra U filtration and energy star.

  • Floor or Countertop Models
  • Hot and Cold water
  • Tomlinson Lever Valves
  • Stainless Steel Reservoir
  • Stainless Waterways
  • Filtration meets NSF under ANSI/NSF
  • STD 42 Taste & Odor
  • STD 53 Lead & Cyst
  • Rental includes one annual filter change

Eliminator™ Bottleless Water Cooler

Eliminator Bottleless Water CoolerAlpine® Coolers is a worldwide leader in drinking water services and filtration systems.

  • Hot & Cold Floor Model
  • Table Top Model – Cold Only
  • Tomlinson Lever Valves
  • Stainless Steel Reservoir
  • Patented Dual Floats System





Low Maintenance & Convenient

In Line filter and RO bottleless water coolers are a low maintenance set-it and forget-it system. Once the system is installed, just simply replace the pre-filters every 6 months to enjoy fresh delicious water. No more water jugs means no more worries about heavy bottle changes, troublesome bottle storage, accidental water spills, and waterless dry days. It also means there is no water cooler reservoir to regularly sanitize and maintain which will free your staff to focus more time on their own work.

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