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Cold Brew Coffee

Both traditional cold brew and Nitro cold brew are delicious ways to consume coffee. Coarsely ground coffee beans steeped in cold water for an extended amount of time yield a coffee that is smooth, mildly acidic, and less harsh. Taking cold brew to the next level, nitro cold brew is characterized by a silky, creamy texture and a subtle, naturally sweet taste thanks to the addition of nitrogen gas. When Nitro Cold brew is served, a thick, creamy foam on the coffee as it is poured from the nitro tap. Nitro cold brew, a refreshing take on traditional cold brew, is the perfect beverage for hot summer days. If you're in the mood for a unique and flavorful coffee experience, give cold brew and Nitro cold brew a try. It won't let you down at all!

NitroTap Segafredo Cold Brew
Nitro Tap Cold Brew

The Segafredo Nitro Tap Cold Brew system is an excellent complement to the home or business of any coffee lover. This unique method makes it simple to prepare and serve cold brew coffee with a smooth, creamy texture and a robust flavor. The Nitro Tap gives the cold brew a smooth texture and a creamy head comparable to that of a draft beer with adding a bit of nitrogen. The easy-to-use design of the Segafredo Nitro Tap Cold Brew machine enhances any kitchen or break room. In addition, it is an excellent conversation starter and will impress your guests. Why then wait? Get the Segafredo Nitro Tap Cold Brew system immediately to improve your cold brew game.

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew is a coffee method that involves steeping beans in cold water for 12-24 hours. It results in a smooth, less acidic and less bitter taste. It can be served over ice or with milk to make iced coffee. 

Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro cold brew is a method of making cold brew coffee that involves infusing it with Nitrogen gas, which results in a creamy and velvety texture and enhances the flavors and sweetness of the coffee. It is typically served straight from a tap, making it a great option for coffee shops, offices and home use. It's a unique way to enjoy a refreshing and delicious cold brew.

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